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Sichernet has teamed up with Christine from Simply Done Security Awareness to bring you her considerable expertise in the complexities of planning and operating an effective security awareness, education and training management program.

Christine is a strong advocate of including all areas of security and privacy awareness strategies and not just focusing on IT security.  Her security awareness materials are designed to support your existing security awareness program and if you don’t have a program – she can design one for you!

Christine’s focus is on the basics… the basics of information security across all areas of security are something that people can easily forget when they are busy, and it only takes a small distraction for someone to cause a security / privacy event or incident.

Her knowledge, experience and graphics will be useful if you want to freshen up the content in your LMS or any other existing security awareness materials.

Whatever you need, Christine will be able to work with you to design and develop custom security awareness materials – or – you can choose from her generic product lines as shown on this page.

Awareness products are continually being developed – so check out our site regularly for new awareness products.

Did You Know Series

The Series encompasses the basics of information security threats and requirements in the office environment, in public areas and when working at home. 

The Series explains specific security threats and risks and what the reader should do to counter them.


Security Posters

The security posters cover the basics of information security requirements within office environments.  The posters are eye catching and contain simple messaging.

They are designed to remind people of what do and how to do basic security actions.  Some are designed to show the wrong and right way to do something.

Information Security Handbook

The Handbook encompasses the basics of information security requirements within an office environment. 

The Handbook also includes information and tips to help people at home to manage security risks which can impact their privacy and help protect your business assets.

Did You Know Series

Christine’s Did You Know series is comprised of the following 14 office related awareness messages:

  • Strong passwords including passphrases
  • Protecting your login details
  • Clear desk and screenlocking
  • Viruses, malware and ransomware
  • Tailgating into the office
  • Information disposal and destruction
  • Protecting access passes, ID, PINs and keys
  • Equipment pickups and deliveries
  • Working in public places
  • Working at home
  • Social engineering through Phishing & Telephone
  • Scammers and Spammers
  • Email use
  • Your policies, contacts and security incident reporting page

Click on the image above to open the Flipping Book!


The series is available in the following formats:

  • Flipbook for Intranets
  • PDF
  • Single page PDFs

Customisation – You can include your own audio and video in the flipbook as well as the name of your organisation, links to policies and security incident reporting requirements and the CISO (or otherwise) contact details. 

The Did You Know Series is subject to copyright restrictions and the content of  the display flipping book as shown on this website should not be used for replication or any other purpose.


Posters – Print – Digital Flipbooks – Digital Signage – Infographics – PowerPoint – Graphics


Christine’s posters contain are a mix of styles with cartoons and photographs.  They ‘catch the eye’’ and the messaging is simple to understand.  They cover a broad spectrum of information security requirements.  They are designed to be placed in security awareness focus areas such as near entry doors and resource areas to act as reminders of specific actions.

What more do you want from a security awareness poster? 

The posters come in PDF format and are sold individually.  The photographic poster series prints in full colour in both A4 and A3.  The cartoon poster series prints in full colour in A4.

Christine’s security awareness posters are subject to copyright restrictions and the content of the display flipping book as shown on this website should not be used for replication or any other purpose.

Click on the image above to view the poster collection!

Custom Designed Posters and Graphics

Christine is available to design posters, infographics, digital signage for electronic noticeboards, PowerPoint, booklets, brochures and if what you want is not covered here, just ask!  Christine’s graphics can be used to highlight your own security awareness messages.

If you want photographic posters which will be familiar to your employees, Christine can design posters based on your own high resolution photographs. 

Contact us to find out more about the posters and what Christine can do for you.

Information Security Handbook

Christine has written a comprehensive security handbook which is structured for employees and covers the basic information security requirements in the office and offsite.

The handbook provides employees with a better understanding of security risk which includes how, why and consequences.

The information security responsibilities encompass a broad spectrum of information handling requirements based on its classification and sensitivity.   The generic classification levels used within the handbook include  Highly Confidential – Confidential – For Internal Use – Public. 

The handling requirements are based on the above classifications and can be easily adapted to any classification system.

The handbook is written as a reference and enables employees to find what they need to know, when they need it.

The handbook is provided as a Word Document, which enables you to customise the content to suit your organisation’s requirements including your branding, information classification levels, contact and policy details etc.

An index and page samples will be provided upon request.


Highly Professional Approach

Our approach to ICT risk and security management is one that emphasises a superior standard of professionalism. Our ability to provide independent and quality consultancy solutions for clients is what separates us from the competition.

We’re also passionate when it comes to meeting your needs and tailoring a service to suit your own unique requirements.

Broad Scope Of Expertise

Our risk and security management capabilities encompass an extensive variety of market sectors, including:

  • Finance
  • Government
  • IT Services
  • Not-For-Profit
  • Resources
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation

Our staff have successfully delivered exceptional results for a diverse range of clients.

Comprehensive Consulting Services

Sichernet is able to offer you comprehensive ICT risk and security management services which are integrated and practical. Our service also covers the entire lifecycle of your project, from concept through to initiation -  planning - delivery - operational maintenance.

Call our team to discuss how ICT risk and security management can benefit your organisation.